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Simon Armitage [entries|friends|calendar]
the original and the best simon armitage community

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[03 Jan 2006|02:34pm]

Hey I'm Jodie, I'm a newbie here! *waves*

I was just wondering if any of you lovely people could help me out with something?

In November I saw the wonderful Simon live, and he read a poem called "Full Moon". I've been looking everywhere for a copy of this poem, but I can't find it anywhere.

I was just wondering if you had any ideas as to where I could find it?

Thanks in advance!
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Songbirds [11 Dec 2005|03:49pm]

Simon will feature in this documentary set in a women's prison on Thursday, Channel 4, 10pm. It's like a follow-up to Feltham Sings.
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Premiere of Jerusalem [16 Nov 2005|06:38pm]

Did anyone see the World Premiere of Simon Armitage's musical, 'Jerusalem' last night at the West Yorkshire Playhouse?? I didn't see it, but I did hear an interview with lovely Simon on Radio 3's programme 'Night Waves'. Isn't his voice adorable??
He said in one scene, John (the main character) is lying in bed and starts to sing 'Movin' on Up' by Primal Scream and the townspeople join in for a 'Hallejujah' chorus! :)
Hopefully, the play will transfer to London and I will be able to see it. Finger crossed.
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[16 Nov 2005|04:52pm]

i think simon would want a thriving community.
we talked about him today and i shared my fond memories of how my old english teacher used to fancy the cargo pants off him.

quote of the day: work up a thirst for me, make it work for me.
[in a yorkshire accent ahaha}

anyway, i'm just killing time, can you tell?
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[08 May 2005|08:29pm]

Because this community has been innactive for quite some time, I thought I should write something.

I have just finished an essay where I had to compare four poems, and one of these was a Simon Armitage one, but I had to chose it myself out of my anthology. Here is me being all stressed because I had to chose out of..... five or six amazingly cool poems. I seriously tried to figure it out for about half an hour. It was horrible. But I chose....

*drumroll please*

My Father

Okay I know that's probably not the title but there isn't one and that's the first two words of the poem, so that's what we called it.

I'm sure that was very interesting to you. I forget what the point to this post was.... I'm sorry

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the grand opening... [04 Apr 2005|05:50pm]

Friends, poets, dedicated English students, lend me your ears, for today we celebrate a momentous occasion in Modern English History: the creation of a community dedicated to our #1 poet, Mr. Simon Armitage.

Simon says: "I am proud, today, to declare the Simon Armitage community... OPEN, so get posting! Man do I enjoy cutting bits of ribbon!"

Well, you heard what the Armitage said! Post anything to do with the great poet. Seen him live? Tell us about it! Studying him in class? You are luckier than you can ever imagine. Teaching him in class? We salute you. Here, you can share anything Armitage-related. Here shall an elite group of people gather, to share one passion - Simon Armitage.

May Mr. Armitage be with you now and always,

Laura [co-mod =O lol]
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